What Happens When Someone Borrows My Car?

What Happens When Someone Borrows My Car?

December 04, 2020

Many times we loan our vehicles to family and friends!  Here in Florida, everyone needs transportation to the beach!

But have you ever called your insurance agent to ask about how your insurance coverage applies when you loan your vehicle to someone?  In simple terms, we at Mitchell Insurance like to say ...

"Loan your car, loan your insurance !"

Yes, this is true.  When someone is operating your vehicle, your insurance coverage is the primary source at the time of the incident!  When your insurance is primary, you could have to:

- Pay a deductible

- Incur a surcharge on your policy

- Named in a lawsuit

Give us a call at Mitchell Insurance to assist you further in navigating these issues.  Our support staff is here to help you with questions or concerns you may have!