Established in 1958, Mitchell Insurance Agency, Inc is a homegrown, successful family business that has been servicing Polk County’s insurance needs for almost 60 years.

01. Full-Range Service Investment Agency

We don’t just focus on one type of insurance policy at Mitchell Insurance Agency. We are able to offer you potential coverages on many aspects of your life. Whether it’s a new start up retail business, the used car for your teenage driver, or something to cover that brand new home you’ve just built—we aim to find a policy that fits your exact needs.

02. Professional and Efficient Process

Our agents are able to utilize our agency’s connections with a large variety of insurance companies from all over. Because of this, they can bring options on coverages and rates to the table that will allow you to make choices that best fit what you’re looking for. They will be there to answer any questions or explain anything you need clarification on concerning the details of the potential policies and what it means for you.

03. Superior Customer Service

Mitchell Insurance Agency’s customer service team is dedicated to making daily insurance tasks easy and pain free. Whether you’re needing to make a payment, make a change to the policy, or whatever the case may be, they are there to walk you through it and make sure things are taken care of.


Quality Service and Attention to Detail

With a clientele of approximately 10,000 individuals and families and 500 businesses in the area, we are experienced and able to meet any of your insurance needs.

Full Service-Agency - We Got You Covered

We are a full-service agency that handles both personal and commercial insurance lines. We house six insurance agents and three certified professional service representatives.

We take pride in our personalized services and fast, prompt attention to the needs of our insureds. It is our main priority to make sure that our clients come to us feeling welcomed and leave us feeling satisfied with their experience.

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