What Happens When a Homeowner's Policy Renews

What Happens When a Homeowner's Policy Renews

November 06, 2020

Welcome to the Sunshine State! 

This greeting is said many times in our wonderful state of Florida.  Sunshine, beaches, lakes and wildlife are so many of the perks of our fine state.  But did you know that property insurance in the State of Florida is very challenging?  Some of the things you should consider reviewing with your insurance agent are:

-  Most insurance companies have coverage changes from year to year.  This can include limiting or excluding coverages previously provided.

-  Lending institutions can change.  It is imperative to update this information on your policy.

-  Hurricane, wind and hail deductibles are typically a higher percentage on your policy.

-  Flood coverage is not provided on a standard property policy.

These are just a handful of suggestions to closely review when reading your policy.  Remember, that is what we are here for...to help you navigate your way through the complex world of insurance.