How Can A Policyholder Rescind an AOB Contract?

How Can A Policyholder Rescind an AOB Contract?

November 09, 2022

Our hearts go out to those in the wake of Hurricane Ian, especially those who unknowingly signed an Assignment of Benefits contract. Many questions are coming in from policyholders that realized they reluctantly gave away certain rights and benefits as an insured by signing an AOB. But don't worry - there are provisions in Florida law allowing policyholders to rescind these contracts and regain full control of their claim process. If you do rescind a contract, please send a copy to your adjuster.


Written notice to rescind the contract may be submitted to the third party:

  1. Within 14 Days after executing the AOB contract
  2. At least 30 days after the date the third-party vendor is scheduled to start work, if that vendor has not already completed a substantial amount of the work
  3. At least 30 days after executing the AOB, if the AOB does not have a start date for the work and the third-party vendor has not begun substantial work on the property