Go, Go, To Your Boat

Go, Go, To Your Boat

March 16, 2022

Go, Go, To Your Boat

Warmer weather probably has you fondly looking out of your window. And if you own a boat, it has you thinking about a nautical journey.


Though many people love thinking about their boat, they hate thinking about insuring it.


Some think that their homeowners policy covers it, but this is only true of small boats like canoes. And a shocking amount of people have no insurance on their boat at all.


But never fear! Boat insurance is pretty easy to obtain. Look at the following to see how boat coverage protects you:


  • Liability - Just like your auto policy, boat coverage protects you from accidents you cause.
  • Physical Damage  - This pays for damage to your boat, motor, equipment, and trailer.
  • Medical Payments - If someone on your boat gets hurt, this helps pay for their medical coverage.
  • Unattached Equipment - Protects all of those valuable tools, gear, and equipment that isn’t physically attached to your boat.


Before you can say, "Trim the jib" you’ll be cruising on the water with confidence.