Dog Liability - Is It Really Necessary?

Dog Liability - Is It Really Necessary?

October 29, 2021

Man’s best friend is always here for us. But what happens when one goes doggone wild? Dog bite claims account for more than a third of all homeowner’s insurance liability claims paid out. There are over 15,000 dog bite claims a year. So how do you protect yourself if your sweet dog goes sour and bites someone?

When purchasing homeowners insurance, you may discover that some companies don’t cover dog bites. Or, if you’re looking to rent an apartment, townhouse, or condo your landlord may want proof of insurance coverage for your pet.

What is dog liability? Dog liability pays for other people’s injuries and damages when your dog is responsible. You could be liable for some or all of a person’s medical bills if you don’t have enough, or any, dog liability coverage.

It’s unfortunate, but there is nothing you can do to assure that your dog will never bite anyone ever. Think about it: all dogs have the potential to bite if they feel threatened or scared.

And it’s not just bites you have to worry about. Your dog could accidentally cause someone to trip, fall and get hurt – and dog liability will help cover if that happened.

Keep in mind that some homeowners insurance companies won’t cover certain dog breeds, often excluding aggressive dogs or dogs who have a biting history.