Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Safety

February 02, 2022

                                                                                            CAR SEAT TIPS

                                                                                                              How to Ride Safely

  The back seat is the best. It is the safest place to ride for all children under age 13. Not all cars allow for a car seat in every place that has a seat belt.  Check your car owner manual to see where you can put a car seat.

  Be wary of toys in the car. Choose toys that are soft and will not hurt your child in a crash. Secure any loose objects in the car. 

  Wear your seat belt. We know that when adults wear seat belts, kids wear seat belts. So be a good example and buckle up for every ride. Be sure everyone in the vehicle buckles up, too.

  Never leave your child alone in a car, even for a minute. 


  Get your car seat inspected here in Lakeland at a Safe Kids Car Inspection Station


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