Do you Own an E-Bike?

Do you Own an E-Bike?

April 04, 2024

As you are enjoying being outside and riding your E-bike; have you ever wondered if you need insurance on it?  Even though most states regulate e-bikes as bicycles and there are no insurance requirements, it's a good idea to do some research and know the laws for your state.  Regardless of whether insurance is mandated in your state or not, finding out about insuring your investment is and most likely more affordable than you think.   

A basic e-bike insurance policy can provide liability and property damage coverage, but a better e-bike insurance policy is one with coverages for things outside of your control with comprehensive and collision coverages.

To get a quote the following information is needed...

  • Your e-bike’s year, make, and model 
  • Serial identification number
  • Class
  • Value

Give us a call to get a quote to protect you and your investment!