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<span>JESSE CARL VINYL</span>


Jesse Carl Vinyl began with two components: a young girl's love for music and the memory of a great man. The owner of Jesse Carl Vinyl grew up in a family that encouraged her to dive into her passions at a very young age, and for her, that passion was music. One of her earliest memories of realizing that passion involved sitting at her grandfather's house at toddler age, strumming on a guitar she had no idea how to play. Little did this man know, however, that his guitar, his influence, and her unquenchable spark would lead her to pursue a professional career in music.

This man's name was Jesse Carl Ellerbe, and it is from him that this record store has coined its name. Mr. Ellerbe was a phenomenal man who touched the lives of not only his granddaughter, but his entire family. He served in the US Navy during World War II, and married a woman named Vivian Silver. Mr. Ellerbe was a hardworking man who dedicated his life to his wife and five children, and eventually to his five grandchildren, who all remember him as a hero and role model.




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